Fourth Annual Alabama Modern Languages Conference

AMLC 2014

Converging Cultures: Languages, Literatures, and Identity

Keynote Speaker:


Dr. Claire Kramsch (The University of California, Berkeley)

When cultures engage, inevitably altering experiences, practices, and worldviews, new identities emerge. Multilingual and multicultural studies are vital to a fully informed approach to an array of disciplines. They affect our pedagogical approaches, our understanding of discourse, our interpretations of classic and modern literatures, and our appraisal of the evolution of culture, language, and interpersonal interaction.  As critical participants in this process we invite you to showcase your insights concerning converging cultures.

We encourage graduate students in Spanish, French and German to present examples of how the domains of language, literature and identity interact and create new common ground.


CALL FOR PAPERS LINK HERE Call for Papers 2014 Converging Cultures



We welcome submissions in the following categories pertaining to theme of converging cultures:

•     Comparative literature, world literatures, emergent literatures

•     Linguistics and language, hybrid speech

•     Second language acquisition, applied linguistics, and culture in the classroom

•     Post-Colonial and identity studies, multiculturalism, deconstructionist ideology

•     Cultural studies, gender studies, topics on race, ethnicity and class

•     Multi-disciplinary approaches in fields such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and history


The conference welcomes papers in English, Spanish, French and German of 20 minutes in length. Please email abstracts in English of up to 500 words as a Word document attachment to amlc2014@gmail.com. Please include the following for each presenter: name, affiliation, e-mail address, title of presentation, and multimedia requests. Suggestions for panels of three or four presenters are especially encouraged; along with a description of the panel proposed, please submit individual abstracts for all presenters, and provide the professional information requested. The deadline to submit abstracts is November 15th, 2013. Information can also be found on our department website, mlc.ua.edu.


Dear participants: As you make plans to travel to Tuscaloosa, we hope you find the following information useful. Please contact us if you have any questions.