The major in classical civilization requires the successful completion of the following courses:



Classical Civilization Major Requirements
Course(s) Hours
Select one of the following language sequences: ¹ 12
LA 101
& LA 102
Elementary Latin I
& Elementary Latin II
LA 201
& LA 202
Intermed Latin Read I
& Intermed Latin Read II
GR 101
& GR 102
Beginning Greek I
& Beginning Greek II
GR 201
& GR 202
Intermediate Greek I
& Intermediate Greek II
Select from the following: 21
CL 222 Greek Roman Mythology
CL 323 Alexander the Great, Then & Now
CL 333 Greek Civilization
CL 350 Roman Religion
CL 385 History Of Greece
CL 386 History Of Rome
CL 365 Greece and Rome in Film
ARH 351 Ancient Art
CL 380 Special Topics
HY 235 Christ Church To 1500
PHL 211 Ancient Philosophy
UH 300 Honors Spec Topics Sem (Women From Antiquity through Today)
Total Hours 33
¹ Students must complete a foreign language sequence from 101-202 in either Latin or Greek.


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