Chinese characters, showing their evolution from visual concepts to symbols
This graphic shows the transformation of Chinese characters from visual concepts (sun, eye, tree, etc.) to the characters used today.

The Department of Modern Languages and Classics offers a popular minor in Chinese. The department has two instructors and a graduate teaching assistant. All are native speakers. The department offers regular instruction on the undergraduate level and a summer study abroad program in China.

The minor in Chinese language consists of 26 hours including CHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 201, CHI 202, CHI 301, CHI 302, CHI 401, CHI 402 etc. Our Chinese minors have been regularly selected for prestigious Boren and Fulbright scholarships in the past several years. For advising on the Chinese program, please contact Ms. Victoria Pei.

For information on the courses offered in the Chinese minor, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.